SureSportsBetting 0.7

The easiest arbitrage betting software for profitable investments
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Will guide you through betting process with its market-leading auto-navigate and auto-login features. Placing Arbitrage bets was never easier before!
- Real-time updates : updates arbitrage bet list every minute;
- Integrated arbitrage calculator : automatically recalculate profits, individual stakes, change total stake, rounding factors and commisions;
- Bookmaker, minimum profit filter : adjust filters according to your needs;
- Rules compatibility filter : shows only arbitrage bets with same rules;
- Cross market arbs, middles : wide range of arbitrage bets;
- Alerts : displays alert when new arbitage occurs;
- Auto - Navigate : navigates to bookmaker web pages, finds and highlights odds automatically;
-Auto - Login : logins automatically, just store your logins and passwords once;
-Complete automation : just review and press confirm button to place arbitrage bets;
-All information needed laid optimally on a single page

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